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Comfort Society: International Chefs of Mystery

Comfort Society is a weekly series that invites attendees to hear a lecture, participate in a workshop, discuss evocative topics, and learn something new every Sunday at 1pm during the farmer's market. Comfort Society is proudly sponsored by Intelligentsia Logan Square. This week, we feature: INTERNATIONAL CHEFS OF MYSTERY! DEFENDING OUR MARKET!

Fragile micro economies such as farmer's markets are often ripe with customer vitriol in search of the exclusive bargain and/or the organic perfection which crosses the line of good taste and even gooder manners. So what happens when badly things happen to goodly people requires immediate retaliation defensive action from The International Chefs of Mystery! who offer a locally sourced workshop/seminar replete with a digital Keynote presentation to demonstrate illustrated diagrams utilizing the latest agricultural defense tactics based on vegetative technologies.

Taught to them almost two weeks ago by a master with a second degree, said disciples hope to school the many ancient techniques incorporating food with fight to protect our loved ones naturally and without preservatives.

Interested attendees will learn the forgotten moves such as banned ArtiChoke Hold, or the two-fisted RhuBarb, a maneuver so delicious and dangerous, and as an added bonus, receive instruction to create weapons of masticated desiccation, too.

Green matter lives.


Like instant ramen noodles and hot dogs, like Cheech and Chong, certain things just go together that really seem out of place and by sheer happenstance but in hindsight, kind of work. A love for the silliness of life barely imitating art (and vice versa) describes the improvisational nature of how Larry Lee and Jason Dunda collaborate in their alter egos as the International Chefs Of Mystery! And what began as two School of the Art Institute of Chicago faculty members sharing ideas to propose a joint studio course centered on humor in art then blossomed into the good old fashioned “Heavens to Betsy!” videotaped performances, Boo’s and Bakin, Cooking the Books, Serving the Man, Early to Bedand Q & A with Theodore Horner, President of the ICM Fan Club, Junior Chapter based loosely on Martin Yan (PBS’s Yan Can Cook) and the Swedish Chef (The Muppets). Of course, the whole point of such antics throws a pie in the face of society infected by cults of personalities and vox populi culture through a comedy of mannered errors as larger sociopolitical commentary.