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Comfort Music: Dustin Laurenzi + Jeff Swanson / Alexis Lombre solo

Doors at 7
Music at 7:30
Free as always!

Alexis Lombre is a young jazz pianist who discovered early that the true essence of music is not just about what you hear but how music makes you feel. Her musical mission is to keep the ‘Soul’ in music alive. Her debut album, Southside Sounds, does just that, as it is a soulful reflection of her upbringing on Chicago’s Southside.

Dustin Laurenzi + Jeff Swanson
Known in Chicago's jazz and improvised music circles as a saxophonist and guitarist respectively, Dustin Laurenzi and Jeff Swanson step out of their usual roles and explore sound and space in new ways. Improvisation is at the heart of of this project, but the duo trades saxophones and guitars for synthesizers and tape loops, creating soundscapes that gradually evolve, each performance a living, breathing organism.

Alcohol is not permitted at Comfort Station.