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Aperiodic at Comfort Station

Intense free improvisation formed in 1997 with elements of free jazz, no-wave, 90's noise rock, and even musique concrète, Guitars shift between angular riffing and textural lilt, elastic drumming, and multi-directional upright bass and haunting Indian rudra veena. “Aperiodic work with dovetailing continuums of fastidiously worked-through noise.”—THE WIRE “post-hardcore band disfigured beyond recognition, and it is the spirit of the post-hardcore band that shines through, not actual music parallels. The disfiguration comes in Aperiodic’s cramming of heavier noise elements into a free jazz framework in absolute madness.”—REDEFINE MAG “There is the fire and brimstone of Aperiodic …falling somewhere just outside of ‘60s AMM influence, taking a page or two from Throbbing Gristle’s book of delicately distorted textures.”—ALL ABOUT JAZZ “fine exponents of a modern type of instrumental apocalypse, playing their instruments as if the news had just broke that the world is exploding within ten minutes. Clangs, zings and sputters, underlined as it is by a massive wall of rumbling harmonic incomprehensibility barely disturbed by string sliding, extreme picking and scattered percussive convulsions… echoes of industrial areas mixing with visions of mean-intentioned, minimalism”—THE SQUID’S EAR