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Bristleburg Town Hall

There's a new mayor in town, baby! Ya boy Bobby Teacup won it fair and square, thanks to his trusty pistol, so now we can stop being so stodgy and start having some fun!

Featuring: Aaron Klopfer, Arlo Chapple-Berletic, Chris Hanley, Jimmy Gribbin, Kendra Jamaica, Meg Kennedy, Phoebe Perry, Rohan Sinha, Sam Priest, Tushar Vashisth, Peyton Brown, Alexa Palmero, Madeline Horwath, and very special guest Tom Simmons as a very special guest!

With music from The Bannermen's Paul Ramirez. Plus Tommy Reahard as your FAVORITE mayor, Bobby Teacup, and Emerald Catron and Orlando Lara as deposed civil servants. Artwork by Madeline Horwath.

Bristleburg Town Hall is a unique, immersive comedy experience filmed live for CAN TV. Partake in local government and have a say in how this supernatural town runs. Come raise your voices as one!