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Comfort Music: Batchmeister + Sam Hasting


Batchmeister is Jason Batchko and Donny Mahlmeister. They make improvised music with percussion, guitar and modular synth. Both have been stalwarts of the Chicago Independent rock scene since the 90's; Mahlmeister with A Tundra, Judson Claiborne, Early Day Miners, Will Phalen, Bora Bora and Batchko with Grit and The Double Knit, Cookbook, Joypoppers and Bora Bora. Mahlmeister has also been involved in a variety of improv projects a bit over the years; sharing the stage with Jamie Branch, Ryan Packard, Theo Katsaounis, Tim Kinsella, John Herndon, Aram Shelton, Katie Young, Toby Summerfield, Todd Rittman, Doug McCombs and Leroy Bach. 


Sam Hasting (Yadda Yadda) is a guitarist based in Chicago.

Comfort Music, every Thursday
Doors open at 7pm, show starts promptly at 7:30pm
No cover (donations encouraged and appreciated!)
**No Alcohol is permitted at Comfort Station**