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Image by Lo Bise

Gather is an experimental music series bringing musicians from different scenes, backgrounds, practices, disciplines, and communities together for connection and artistic exchange. We curate this series with our attention toward introducing musicians who may not otherwise cross paths and whose works dialogue in compelling ways.
By doing so, we hope to leave potential for collaboration and familiarity amongst different experimental music forms in Chicago.

Gather is curated by Allen Moore, Nick Meryhew and Rebecca Himelstein.

Stream and download the Gather 2017 and 2018 Mixtapes at:

Upcoming Events —

9/21 - Wanbli Gamache // Jennifer Ligaya

10/19 - Corey Smith // Mabel Kwan

11/16 - Meg Leary // radiant devices

Past Artists:

Edbrass Brasil, Rob Frye, Kim Alpert

Forest Management, P.M. Tummula

Jason Hoffman, Mukqs

Marvin Tate, Antibody Corporation

Soledad Fatima Muñoz, Zach Good and Lia Kohl

Rocio Zavala, Moonbones

Blackerface, Lykanthea, Katinka Kleijn

Katherine Young + Plucky Plunkers, Nicholas Davis and Rebecca Elliott

Ayanah Moor, Udita Upadhyaya + Lindsey Barlag Thornton

Liai, Max Guy

Sam Scranton, Macie Stewart

Participatory Music Coalition, Curt Oren

Willy Smart, Ulla Strauss

Forced Into Femininity, Rob Jacobs/Carol Genetti Duo

Bone Lattice, She & Them


Allen Moore,  Daniel/Lyons/Billington Trio

Jenna Lyle, Hope Esser

Charmion, Sojourner Zenobia

wrtch, travis

Deidre Huckabay, Courtney Mackedanz, Vaudeo Motion

Jen Hill, Eli Namay, Anton Hatwich

Mitsu Salmon, AJ McClenon, Alejandro Acierto