PIXEL FACE: Alveolar Acidosis

Alveolar Acidosis

PIXEL FACE: Kt Duffy and Ali Seradge

Exhibition dates: January 5th - February 8th, 2019

PIXELFACE, the sentient digital fungus, has become fascinated with human effects of climate change. Spreading through Comfort Station, the entity is scouring the internet for data related to climate change factors for the Logan Square microcosm. This data projects visuals created in PIXELFACE’s own alien format. The resulting system of internal projections on the inside windows of the Comfort Station appear to make the building slightly swell and contract with it’s own breath. These animations change depending on a live data stream from the City of Chicago Data Portal. The data used will be the number of cars on the road in the Logan Square neighborhood at a given time. As traffic increases, the number of “cellular” objects in the animations increase and occlude the windows. As the windows fill with digital detritus, the velocity of color change and subtle movements  increases, signifying an increased difficulty breathing. In this exhibition titled Alveolar Acidosis, PIXELFACE looks to transform Comfort Station into real time biofeedback mechanism for the surrounding community.

PIXELFACE (b. 2016) is a new media collaboration between artists Ali Seradge, KT Duffy and an evolving cast of other collaborators. The narratives in the larger body of PIXELFACE center around an entity, called PIXELFACE. PIXELFACE resides only in digital spaces, free from the bounds of the human experience and the guiding natural principles of this planet.

PIXELFACE focuses on showing work in public spaces in order to create accessible art for everyone. Through ongoing collaborations with art viewers, community members and artist stakeholders, PIXELFACE creates installation based works that can talk to communities within a specific time and place.

Comfort Station