Comfort Station activates a historic building with public, community-driven programs that foster vibrant connections at the intersection of art and life.

Board of Directors

Manya Gupta
Dawn Herrera Helphand
Jordan Martins
Sara Slawnik
Encarnacion Teruel
Laura Vichick
Adrian Wong

Jason Hammel, emeritus member


Jordan Martins, Executive Director
Mary Wells, Administrative Director
Kate Battle, Program Director
Raul Benitez, Comfort Film Programmer
Nando Espinosa, Comfort Film Programmer
Emerson Hunton, Comfort Music Program Manager
David Musgrave, Exhibition Manager
Emily Schexnayder, Exhibition Manager
Adina Cosden, Exhibition Manager
Jonathan Krohn, Graphic Designer
Eleana Daniel, Graphic Designer
Rick Sindt, Development Manager
Allen Moore
Nick Meryhew
Rebecca Himelstein
Emily Perez
Mathew Tapey
Ben Fuqua
Adia Skykes
Lasondra Kern


Since 2010, Comfort Station has been operated by an all volunteer staff as a multidisciplinary art space. As of 2016, the programming team has obtained 501c3 status as a non-profit organization, which works in conjunction with Logan Square Preservation, the current lease holder of the Comfort Station building.